Samrat Ashok adhyapak Vidhyalaya (D.Ed.), Chalisgaon.

The College has well developed RCC Building having adequate area for all types of activities. 24 hours drinking water from municipal water pipe is made available. There is play ground of area 2 acres for Various sports are made.

Our Campus is 2 km away from Railway Station and 3 km From Bus stand situated on Dhule Road. There are 200 students Of D.Ed. Studding in our Campus. All major facilities like class Rooms, science laboratories, psychology laboratory, library, play ground etc are made available for students.

The experienced faculty is ready to teach personally for every students. The library is enriched with 800 titles and 2500 books of various subjects, magazines, 3 news paper are also available for students & Teachers. All necessary activities like practice lessons micro lessons, school internship, gathering, debating, sports.

Competitions students elections outside educational campus, educational trips has been completed by students every years.


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 National Council for Teacher Education

Vision :-
  • Our college believes that the goal of the teacher is to develop students mind as powerful thinkers, guide, researcher and problem solvers.
  • To inform, educate & inspire students to reach their professional goals.
  • To create a new frontiers of knowledge & innovative skills, develop capable human resources through quality teacher education trainin
Mission :-
  • To prepare in an individual to meet the challenges at life.
  • To develop the students so that they are train to fit on all the fronts. i.e. Social mental, physical, moral cultural and spiritual.
  • Fostering innovative. Responsible and systematic integration of technology in education along with humanistic skill.
  • To develop student understanding towards child psychology so that teaching learning processed could be designed by themselves accordingly.
  • To develop critical thinkers, who can contribute to the national integration and a learning society.
  • To provide outstanding teaching services to learners.
  • To inspire for lifelong learning & for reaching the unreached.
  • To enhance professionalism, humanism social responsibility through quality education.

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